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Broadening the possibilities for children & families

Parental Support

We have a range of services to support parents with the challenges that children can present us with.

Child & Adolescents Mental Health Service (CAMHS): 

This service can offer you 1:1 support or parenting workshops to help you with a range of challenges including discipline & boundaries, how to enjoy you child, finding time for play and much more.


Solihull Approach Parent Programme: 

A 10 week programme aimed at enhancing your relationships with your children covering issues around feelings, anger, play, child development and sleep. 


 Counselling Service   Mondays 9.00 - 1.00

Appointment by referral only, please see a member of staff from the Children's Centre for more information.


Counselling for women affected by Domestic Abuse

By referral - please speak to a member of the Children's Centre staff



Legal Advice Drop in  

Legal advice around contact with children                                                                                       Disputes between couples                                                                                                                 Domestic Violence

Please speak to a member of the Children's Centre staff