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How well our children progress - EYFS Early Years Outcome


Updated September 2017

Children who attend Robert Owen progress exceptionally well from their starting points.  We track the children's development at 3 points throughout the year (October, February and June).

In September 2016, at the start of the school year just over half the children were assessed as at age or above in the Prime areas of learning (53%) and Specific area of learning (51%).

In June 2017 , towards the end of the school year 61 children (47%) had made typical progress – moving 3 ‘steps’ over the year. 47 children (36%) made better than typical progress – moving from below expected levels to expected levels or from at expected levels to beyond expected levels. This included a range of children in the cohort – EYPP, EAL and more able children. For the 17% who did not make expected progress there are known barriers to learning and smaller steps are measured through personalised learning plans.

All children with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND) made good progress in the context of their individual learning journeys, although their significant milestones are measured through meeting individual targets identified on their personalised learning plans. Overall 20% of SEND children started at expected levels in the prime areas of learning and by the end of the year 40% achieved this.

We can track Greenwich children through to their EYFSP results at the end of their reception year, at age 5.  In 2016 76% of children in the Robert Owen reach area achieved a good level of development compared with 69% nationally.

Please contact your staff team if you wish to discuss your child's progress at any time.



"Children are provided with excellent teachers and facilities.  They are engaged and stimulated with both indoor and outdoor activities, all varied and interesting.  The staff care about the children and are genuinely interested in them and their individual development. Excellent provision." (SM parent pss 2015)