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Robert Owen

The Nursery Day

The nursery is open from 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday.  Within these times there are lots of variations according to availability and family need.

2, 3 and 4 year olds

Breakfast        Morning extended school day Morning only session Full time Afternoon only session Tea







at a charge

8.40 -9.15






at a charge

8.40 - 11.40 


3 hours per day


Free 15 hours provision per week

for 3 year olds and eligible 2 year olds

9.15 - 3.15


6 hours per day


Free 30 hours provision per week  for 3 year olds depending on eligibility

12.30 - 3.30


3 hours per day


Free 15 hours provision per week

for 3 year olds and eligible 2 year olds

3.30 - 6.00


3.15 - 6.00


 at a charge


Together for Twos

Morning Afternoon
 8.40 - 11.40 12.30 - 3.30 

Our nursery day is led by the children's interest and routines.  For children arriving in the morning and the afternoon a range of focused and free choice experiences which children may select from. Observations of the children inform how we work to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, challenge, adventure and quieter times.  Snack times are available morning and afternoon where the children can have fruit, toast, milk, water and sometimes additional food eg. vegetables grown in the garden, or things the children have cooked that day. Please come and spend some time with us and see what our nursery day looks like.

AK has been welcomed by the staff and he wakes up saying he wants to go the nursery.  There is something to do for all children. AK has started speaking English since he joined. It's lovely that the carer always tell me how his day went. I am informed every day.' (JK PS2016)