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Settling In'


"Creates an environment where parents and children feel like home - safe and happy" (anon pss 2015)

Every child is offered a home visit before they start nursery.  We believe this is very important as it helps us get to know you and your child in familiar home surroundings, away from the busy-ness of the classroom. These visits last about half an hour and from this staff will arrange your actual starting date.

The intial meeting is followed by the class for around an hour.  This is a gentle introduction that is not too daunting for everyone.  When you child starts we ask you to stay for the whole of the first session so you get to know us and we get to know you.

Starting at the centre is a great adventure but it is also a new and busy world for a young child with many unknown adults and children to get to know.

Every child settles at a different rate and it could be several weeks before your child it happy to let you leave. The length of time you stay is negotiated between you and the staff as you are the one that knows your child best.

Please do not be upset if your child cries a little at first- it is perfectly natural.  Also some children settle quite happily but find seperation difficult at a later date when the novelty wears off!

We try to make the starting at the centre a happy time for everyone and this is why it may take several weeks before your child is staying for the whole session.


'My son started nursery in Sept 2015 as an anxious little boy. Due to the help, guidance and support he is well on the way to being a confident little boy. The teaching and support staff are amazing. I love everything about Robert Owen Nursery. (LC PS2016)

"N had the most wonderful experience at Robert Owen and it really felt as though the teachers and centre spent so much time understanding and caring for the kids" (parent quote Oct 2014)







"As soon as my son started at Robert Owen I raised my concerns about his behaviour and straight away I was listened to and taken seriously and got the help I have been asking for, for a long time from doctors and health visitors. Its the first time I feel like someone has listened to me and I am so grateful" (Parent CS March 2017)