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'My son AJ goes to the Olive class in Robert Owen. I could not have asked for a better nursery. The staff at RO have gone exceeded my expectations when it comes to taking care of A. A started the day care, like any other kid, crying and not wanting to go to nursery. He used to cry so much that he would throw up. He also has restricted diet and because of that, would stay hungry in school once he threw up. The staff at RO have been extremely patient and caring and it took about 2 weeks for him to settle but now he does not want to come home from school. He loves it there and the smile he has as soon as he reaches the nursery is just amazing to see after all that we have gone through. The best part is that though his key person is Amy, each one Lucy, Amy, Daisy, Katie and Julie to name a few took care of him. I cannot recommend this place enough and feel stress free leaving him full day in the nursery and know that he is safe and taken care of.' (Parent February 2016)

'When my daughter was born with her very rare and life threatening condition I had counselling with a company called Mum's Aid. They held sessions at the centre, these sessions proved very helpful for me to deal with a grieving process of not having a 'normal child' and helped my confidence in knowing I can deal with it. 

My son went to Robert Owen in 2006/7 and thrived there; some of his practitioners are still there, and they remember him, as he does, fondly and with high regard. He's 13 now. 


'When my daughter was about to start Robert Owen I was very apprehensive about all the training required for the staff. Her needs are very complex as it's an extremely rare condition.
As soon as I had the confirmation of her place the staff were fully engaged in providing the training required. Lesley organised a community nurse and timetabled staff to come to the training. No mean feat. This has continued on an ongoing basis and at least 12/15 staff, (including the Head of the Centre) are trained to treat my daughter in a medical emergency and they  are clued up on all her medical needs.
At all stages of her placement at Robert Owen I have felt supported and secure in leaving my daughter in their care. I've felt so happy that she is happy and so cared for at the Centre, it means an awful lot. When she was born I doubted either one of us would have this kind of independence.
In Olive Tree, the whole team were brilliant! Lucy, Amy, Daisy, Julie and all the rest of the team from last year have been fantastic; really supportive through her long settling in period, caring, approachable, friendly and always gave detailed feedback about her day. My daughter has thrived in their care, she is chatty, sociable, creative and loves books. All her needs and likes are encouraged and catered for. She is never without a paintbrush or glue stick in her hand! She particularly loved their exploration of Wow Said the Owl in art and reading.
You can really see when people are happy in their job and I think that was very much reflected in Olive Tree and in the children in the class.
My daughter has moved up to Fir now; a new chapter. It was her first day today after the Easter break. She was nervous because she held my hand on the way in, she never wants to normally! When we got in the class I asked her 'Are you ok? Do you want me to stay for a bit or go?'
'I'm fine, you can go, bye'. That's the best testimonial to me.

 'Louise (Fir) is an amazing asset to Robert Owen.  She has arranged lots of things for our son, D, as he suffers with anxiety, extra meetings , CAMHS, Speech and Language with Keena.  Little chats with an over anxious mum, she has made such an impact on our lives in such a short space of time.  Also the other staff in Fir are fantastic too.  I cannot fault anything. (LC)