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How well our children progress

Children who attend Robert Owen progress exceptionally well from their starting points.  We track the children's development in their first half term with us and at 3 points throughout the year. 100% of children make expected progress and between 23% - 66% make rapid progress depending on the area of learning (July 2015 leavers).  Children identified as having special educational needs make slightly more progress from their starting points than non special educational needs (July 2015).

By the time they leave us the vast majority of the children are ready for their Reception classes.

We can track most children through to their EYFSP results at the end of their reception year, at age 5.  In 2015 86% of children in the Robert Owen reach area achieved a good level of development  (77% for Greenwich and 66% Nationally). Over 90% of Robert Owen children achieved a score of over 90% in the 3 prime areas of communication and language, physical development and personal, social and emotional which shows they are most likely ready for school.(82% for Greenwich).

Our children are the centre of everything we do and we believe that following the children's interests is the best way of planning their play and learning experiences.  Our results on children's progress provide clear evidence of this.

Our latest approach to assessing children's learning is through Tapestry, a digital profiling system that we are sharing with families to support their home learning as well. For more information please visit our Tapestry page in the Parents tab.

Please contact your staff team if you wish to discuss your child's progress at any time.


"Children are provided with excellent teachers and facilities.  They are engaged and stimulated with both indoor and outdoor activities, all varied and interesting.  The staff care about the children and are genuinely interested in them and their individual development. Excellent provision." (SM parent pss 2015)