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 Amanda Dyton  Children's Centre Co-ordinator
Heather Truluck Family Outreach Worker
Elaine Stephenson Family Support worker

The core purpose of a Children's Centre is to improve outcomes for young children and their families, with a particular focus on people who have challenge in their lives, so children are equipped for life and ready for school, no matter what their background or family circumstances.

Evidence shows that development during the early years of a child lays an essential foundation for progress throughout life.  Parenting and the home learning environment, health and economic wellbeing all have an impact on child development.

Robert Owen is a group of 5 children's centres known as Greenwich West Children's Centres (GWCC).  We currently work in partnership with Invicta, Sherington, Rachel McMillan and The Quaggy.

'The nursery and children's centre both seem to be well run. The head teacher has excellent vision for early years. Thank you, we are all very happy' (CJ PS2016)

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April 2016

"The support system is fantastic. Robert Owen brings the community together and integrates people from different social backgrounds" (CC survey summer 2015)



Gingerbread (Single parents, equal families) @ Quaggy


GWCC Information Booklet

Summer 2016

Summer 2017

'I like the sense of community and support the children's centre gives' (EL PS 2016)

'I don't attend so much now that I am working but feel it is a valuable community service' (ML PS2016)