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Welcome to Robert Owen Nursery School and Children's Centre

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There has been lots of exciting change in the nursery school over the summer. The classroom spaces have been refreshed and redesigned to offer 7 classes of 2, 3 and four year olds. We have expanded to take just under 200 children, but please be assured our systems allow each and every child to have personalised attention from our key person system and we have a great established and skilled staff team throughout the school.

So it is change for all of us as we settle into the new classes – the children, the families, the staff teams and visitors. We offer you all a big welcome and just ask for your patience and understanding as we start the new term. Most of the works are finished, but there are two small offices and the corridor to complete over the next few weeks. It should not impact on the children’s learning and play. Read more.......


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Ofsted Says...

The nursery delivers a highly effective personalised approach to the children's learning. Consequently they achieve extremely well. Careful tracking ensures that any child requiring further support is quickly identified & appropriate actions taken.
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